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Products & Services



Our Traditional and high performance roofing systems are installed using the best products available. The high performance systems utilise the latest SBS and APP modified bitumen products and the carriers are of a polyester weave and perform in both extremes of temperature maintaining their flexibility.


Traditional 3 layer built up felt roofing.


Don’t confuse these high performance systems with the old BS 747 materials which had a life expectancy of 12 – 15 years.

Modern polyester based membranes are coated with modified polymer based bitumen and have a life expectancy exceeding 25 years and come with a guarantee. They maintain their flexibility in all temperature ranges and unlike fibreglass or GRP roofing these modern materials move with the substructure and will not separate at the adhesion point.

Surface finishes can be of a mineral surfaced cap sheet, limestone chipping's or the preferred option of solar reflective paint. A painted surface can be recoated every two years and vastly extends the life expectancy of the roofing membrane; this also allows for pedestrian traffic to access windows, TV aerials etc. It also eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage being caused due to chipping's puncturing the surface.


Single Ply


We are approved contractors for Firestone, EPDM single ply systems. Firestone EPDM has an advantage over other similar products because most roofs can be covered in one membrane with no joints. Here are several facts about Rubber Roofing.

· Maintenance-free.

· Highly resistant to ageing

· Permanently elastic which means that the rubber will not rip or tear when the roof moves

· No surface protection by paint or chipping's required

· Fire-retardant.

· No heat required during installation

· 40 years life expectancy

Fibre Glass

Fibreglass flat roofs, also known as known as GRP roofs, provide an entirely weatherproof surface eliminating many of the problems associated with traditional flat roofing materials. There are fibreglass roofs installed over 25 years ago that still do not show any signs of deteriation. Fibre glass roof systems are not suitable for all applications, we can advise you on the suitability of this product.


Green Roofing


There is a trend now for sedum green roofs, we can provide the waterproofing membranes and drainage details for these types of roof. We can also offer detailed advice to architects and builders on this subject. All our insulation is CFC free.


Asphalt roofing and flooring


Roofing Asphalt can be applied to form a continuous waterproofing covering over any flat, curved or irregular surface and can be worked around pipes, roof lights and other projections. This versatile material can be laid on most types of rigid substructure and various structural~decking units. Mastic asphalt has been perceived by many as being an expensive alternative to other products on offer to them to carry out waterproofing works. Mastic Asphalt offers clients a versatile system, which is cost effective to maintain and service.  Mastic asphalt has been a waterproofing membrane for longer than most other products with new improvements to the already well established and proven Asphalt material. This material comes in several grades suitable for Roofing, flooring, tanking, balconies and walkways.


Single Ply
Fibre Glass
Green Roofing
Asphalt Roofing & Flooring